Food for a Healthy Heart

It’s never too late to make changes to look after your heart, improve your health, and get the most out of life.

The following recommendations for heart healthy eating are a guide to what you can be doing to ensure what you eat helps you live life to the full.

Lets make the most out of what we’ve got!


Tips for a Healthy Heart:

  • Eat three meals a day, selecting from dishes that encourage you to eat plant foods and with little or no dairy fat, meat fat or deep fried foods.
  • Choose fruits and/or vegetables at every meal and for most snacks
  • Select whole grains, wholegrain breads or high-fibre breakfast cereals, in place of white bread and low fibre varieties
  • Include fish or dried peas, beans and soy products, or a small serving of lean meat or skinned poultry, at one or more meals each day
  • Choose low-fat milk, low fat milk products, soy or legume products every day
  • Use nuts, seeds, avocado, oils or margarine instead of animal and coconut fats
  • Drink plenty of fluids each day, particulary water, and limit sugar-sweetened drinks and alcohol
  • Use only small amounts of sugar or salt when cooking and preparing meals, snacks or drinks (if any).
  • Choose ready-prepared foods low in saturated fat, sugar and sodium
  • Mostly avoid or rarely include butter, deep-fried and fatty foods, and only occasionally choose sweet bakery products or pastries

Sometimes it’s easier to small  changes at first.

Try starting with something easy, and once you’ve achieved your goal, move onto the next. Get family and friends on-board to help support you – you might even inspire them to give it a go too!


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